Save 10% With SmarterMail Upgrade & Protection Renewal

Upgrade or renew your SmarterMail Professional or Enterprise active protection with 10% discount with FREE SSL & Uptime Monitoring bundle.

SmarterMail Upgrade

Customers can upgrade the level or edition of a SmarterMail license at any time. However, license modifications will not extend upgrade protection coverage or reinstate expired coverage.

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Upgrade SmarterMail and Save 10% Discount

Include FREE SSL & Uptime Monitoring.

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SmarterMail Active Protection Renewal

SmarterTools customers are provided 12 months of upgrade protection coverage with the purchase of any new product license. Ensuring your SmarterMail license key are always active for upgrade protection allows you to access to all major and minor version upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase at no additional charge. Plus you save up to 60% for renewing your active upgrade protection before it expired.Renewing an expired upgrade protection SmarterMail license key will cost you to pay up to 85% of a new license key (depending on which mailboxes edition you are running).

We also provide custom quote if you have multiple license keys which you would like to renew the upgrade protection – including both Active and Expired upgrade protection SmarterMail license key. Simply drop us an email at with your license key and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Renew Active Upgrade Protection

You can renew your SmarterMail upgrade protection up to 60 days before the expiry date based on the “Renew ACTIVE” price.[table id=7 /]

Renew Expired Active Upgrade Protection

If your upgrade protection has expired, you will need to reinstate the upgrade protection by purchasing the “Renew EXPIRED” price.[table id=6 /]

Renew Upgrade Protection and Save 10% Discount

Include FREE SSL & Uptime Monitoring.

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